CatCafe Podcast Episodes

We know veterinary team members love PurrPodcast and some cat caregivers listen as well. So we decided to start a new podcast just for cat caregivers. We’ll invite some amazing guests to chat with us and we’ll have one rule they have to follow – no big words! Have a listen and recommend CatCafe Podcast to the cat lovers in your life. Oh, and follow us on social media @catcafepodcast!

EPISODE 6 (December 2019): Dr. Mike Lappin is a specialist at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Colorado State University where he is a Professor of Infectious Diseases. He is particularly interested in infectious diseases of cats. He is also the Chair of the One Health Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. This committee helps doctors and veterinarians around the world work together on common health problems. Are there diseases you can catch from your cat? Tune in and find out!
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EPISODE 5 (December 2019): Dr. Nicole Ehrhart is a veterinarian who specializes in cancer surgery. She works at the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. Her main area of interest is developing techniques so the legs of animals and children can be saved when cancer strikes. Dr. Ehrhart chats with us about the early warning signs of cancer in cats and when surgery can save lives. She also tells us what a typical day is like in her job and the amazing team of people she works with.
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EPISODE 4 (November 2019): Dr. Ann Hohenhaus is a third generation veterinarian and she practices at the Animal Medical Center in New York. Dr. Ann is a specialist in both internal medicine and oncology (cancer medicine). She writes about veterinary medicine for websites and blogs, so you may have seen her articles. She also has a radio show on SiriusXM Stars called “Ask the Vet” (Channel 109). Dr. Ann talked with us about the lives of cats in New York city and the top 5 diseases seen in middle-aged and senior cats. Her number one tip to keep your cat healthy? Make sure kitty sees your veterinarian regularly!
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EPISODE 3 (November 2019): Time to talk about who cats really are. Why do experts say they are only loosely domesticated compared to dogs? How can we keep cats indoors so they are safe but ensure they aren’t bored and stressed? Listen for some tips on how to make that home environment work in your cat’s favor for better mental and physical health. A good resource you should check out is Cat Friendly Homes from the American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners.
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EPISODE 2 (October 2019): We talk about our listener’s suggestions for a name for our new podcast and we make the decision – it’s CatCafe! That made us think about cat cafes we have visited around the world, and made us wonder – are there any dog cafes? And as a bonus, find out what Dr Susan is addicted to.
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EPISODE 1 (October 2019): Jolle and Susan introduce this new podcast – why are we crazy enough to start another one?? And what are we going to call it? We need help!
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