PurrPodcast Archive

EPISODES 32 and 33 (September 2019): What fun we had with the ‘other’ Dr. Susan Little, a veterinary parasitologist at Oklahoma State University. Tune in to learn all about feline parasites as well as some awesome factoids to entertain your vet friends.

EPISODES 30 and 31 (August 2019): Urine luck! We have two episodes with Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVN of the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia. Joe says urine is liquid gold – discuss! We chat about idiopathic cystitis, a frustrating disease that most vets know all too well. We also manage to talk about chronic gastrointestinal disease, diabetes mellitus, bladder and kidney stones, and even more importantly – who is the world’s most cunning cat? Why won’t Jolle eat octopus? Tune in and find out – are cats aliens or gods?

EPISODES 28 & 29 (July 2019): We finally get to chat with Steve Dale, famous pet journalist. If Steve’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because he is our podcast announcer! Steve tells us how he got his start in pet journalism and why he once got fired in an elevator. Steve’s newspaper columns and radio shows talking about pet behavior reach many thousands of pet owners. What are the most common questions cat owners ask Steve? It might surprise you! Steve also talks about the Winn Feline Foundation and how a cat named Ricky with heart disease got him involved.

EPISODE 27 (June 2019): In part two of our chat with Dr. Debra Horwitz we discuss some important cat questions. Why don’t all cats respond to catnip? Are cats really social? How is cat society organized? Dr. Horwitz explains it all!

EPISODE 26 (June 2019): We love Dr. Debra Horwitz, a board-certified behaviorist who is the author/editor of many books and book chapters and a member of the Fear Free team. We’ve learned a lot from her about cat behavior. In part one of our chat with Dr. Horwitz, we learn why cats would make good bomb detectors, why black cats get a bad rap, and how to determine if problem behaviors are abnormal or just unwanted. Are cats spiteful? Listen and find out!

EPISODES 24 & 25 (May 2019): Our first PurrPodcast Live! event was at VMX 2019 with special guest Dr. Sue Ettinger. Listen to hear all about feline gastrointestinal disease and find out how to tell if a diamond is fake!

EPISODE 23 (April 2019): Our first feline behavior podcast is with Dr. Terry Curtis of the University of Florida. We chat about the most common feline behavior problems, the top mistakes owners make with litter boxes, how many cats are too many, and how much we still have to learn about feline behavior and communication. She also tells us how she helped the famous cats of the Hemingway Home & Museum in Key West, Florida.

EPISODE 22 (April 2019): Part two of our chat with Dr. Mary Gardner of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia. In this episode, we get into the details of providing this important aspect of veterinary care. Mary discusses whether to sedate pets before euthanasia (she’s a strong proponent) and the different routes for euthanasia drugs and how to choose. Did you know one of her signature tools for a compassionate euthanasia is a cupcake? We also discuss how emotionally taxing performing euthanasia is for veterinary team members and how to deal with it.

EPISODE 21 (March 2019): Part one of our chat with Dr. Mary Gardner is all about love, laugh, and learn! In between laughs, we talk about our careers before vet med. Mary talks about the origins of Lap of Love, now offering compassionate in-home euthanasia and hospice care with 130 vets in 60 locations. And she explains how she designed the first Lap of Love website with an Excel spreadsheet!

EPISODE 20 (February 2019): In part two of our chat with Dr. Dave Nicol, he talks about success in veterinary medicine. We talk about burnout in our profession, why it happens, and what veterinary team leaders can do to meet emotional needs. Dave talks about his VetX program and how it can help vets overcome fears, develop resilience and tenacity, learn how to have conversations with pet owners, and develop leadership skills. And you’ll hear what Jolle thought VetX meant!

EPISODE 19 (February 2019): Dr. Dave Nicol is one of the inspirations for our own podcast because we love his Blunt Dissection podcast. In part one, we hear how he became a leader and successful practice owner, the true story behind his accent, and how he started lecturing.

EPISODE 18 (February 2019): Tom Bohn is the CEO of the North American Veterinary Community. Listen to the episode where we discuss innovation in veterinary conferences, what the future holds for VMX, and we take an irreverent look at Tom’s Swedish origins.

EPISODE 17 (February 2019): Elizabeth Green, CEO/Founder of Brief Media, says her job is to dream of new things to do. She does that very well! Listen to our chat about Clinician’s Brief, the future of veterinary educational publishing, and how millennials are shifting the veterinary practice paradigm.

EPISODE 16 (January 2019): Part 2 of our chat with Dr. Katie Tolbert about how and when to use gastrointestinal protectants in cats and her research project with the Winn Feline Foundation.

EPISODE 15 (January 2019): We sat down with Dr. Katie Tolbert for two podcasts about the newly published ACVIM consensus statement on gastrointestinal protectants in dogs and cats. In Part 1, we talk about use of these drugs in cats with CKD, as well as prioritizing medications for cats with chronic disease to increase compliance and protect the human-animal bond.

EPISODE 14 (December 2018): Veterinary technicians rock! We spend time with NAVTA president, Kara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition), VTS-H (Internal Medicine, Dentistry).

EPISODE 13 (December 2018): Get the scoop on feline poop, part 2 with Dr. Stan Marks

EPISODE 12 (November 2018): Get the scoop on feline poop! Feline GI disease and fecal transplants, part 1 with Dr. Stan Marks

EPISODE 11 (November 2018): Dr. Bryden Stanley tells us everything we need to know about soft tissue surgery in cats, with some interesting discussion about treating abscesses.

EPISODE 10 (October 2018): Update on feline anesthesia, part 2 with Dr. Sheilah Robertson.

EPISODE 9 (October 2018): Update on feline anesthesia, part 1 with Dr. Sheilah Robertson.

EPISODE 8 (September 2018): Gastrointestinal intussusception in cats. Do you know your intussuscipiens from your intussusceptum? Find out which is which, and the best treatment options.

EPISODE 7 (September 2018): Mammary tumors in cats – we discuss a recent journal article that reviews the best treatment approach.

EPISODE 6 (August 2018): Cat Bloat. Did you know that cats can get gastric dilatation/volvulus (GDV) too?

EPISODE 5 (August 2018): Fuss about FISS – Part two. The second part of our discussion about feline injection site sarcomas with Dr. Sarah Boston, a surgical oncologist.

EPISODE 4 (July 2018): Fuss about FISS – Part one. The first part of our discussion about feline injection site sarcomas with Dr. Sarah Boston, a surgical oncologist.

EPISODE 3 (July 2018): Cats and bladder uroliths – Part three. The best treatment options for different stone types. We discuss minimally invasive options as well as surgery. Take the Pledge Against Struvite in Pets

EPISODE 2 (July 2018): Cats and bladder uroliths – Part two. The best management and prevention options for different stone types. Take the Pledge Against Struvite in Pets

EPISODE 1 (June 2018): Cats and bladder uroliths – Part one. All about stone types in cats and how to diagnose them. Take the Pledge Against Struvite in Pets